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The overall outcomes of the Program will enable achievement of Curtin’s strategic vision and key strategies by:

  • Supporting business initiatives in teaching and learning, administration and research to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing competitive environment
  • Delivering new foundation technology and analytics capable of enhancing Curtin’s understanding of students’ behaviours and preferences to deliver the best possible experience to students
  • Providing tools to allow for scalability of operations and the automation of business processes in order to enhance overall operational effectiveness
  • Optimising the automated exchange of critical information between information systems through the enabling of new integration technologies in order to reduce the requirement for manual entry of data into information systems
  • Improving the management of cyber risks.

Alignment to Curtin University values

The program aligns to all of the Curtin values but most specifically excellence and impact. The program is focusing on delivering strategic outcomes that make a difference, provide exceptional levels of service and advance creativity and innovation.

There is an increasing reliance on technology to provide innovative solutions that will position Curtin for future success and have impact on a global level.

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