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Program successes

Digital Futures has delivered many technology-based outcomes that are improving work and study efficiency and enjoyment, including:

  • Web Content Management project

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    A revamped and improved Curtin homepage and central website, with a streamlined structure and design enabling easier navigation across all devices and a truly intuitive experience.

  • Curriculum Management project

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    Akari, a streamlined curriculum management system, to replace manual, paper-based processes. Akari enables speedier processes, less paperwork and a reduction of errors, for improved business efficiency.

  • Challenge Platform project

    Image thumbnail of Challenge Platform project

    Launched 35 modules of Challenge – a gamified student learning resource with global interaction. In 2016 Challenge delivered more than 30,000 modules to almost 9000 students and is currently being considered for adoption by other universities.

  • Digital Experience Construction project

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    elsie, a mobile app for Curtin students to manage their workload and study activities. More than 17,000 students have downloaded the app since its release in August 2015. It includes a smart planner automatically populated with students’ study timetables and academic calendar information, as well as access to unit information, iLectures, maps, unit progression, academic contacts and more.

  • Digital Learning Activation project

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    Enhancements to systems and processes to support the Digital Learning@Curtin Strategy, including three new MOOCs on the edX platform, bringing the total offering to six, including The Business of Mining MOOC, winner of the 2015 Interactive Media Council’s Best in Class – University Award. Total MOOC enrolments have exceeded 100,000 learners.

  • Portal project

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    Development of HR Information Architecture for web content and migration of some HR content to the new platform has started. Staff Oasis services have begun migration ahead of the early 2017 launch of the portal - the digital workspace replacing Staff Oasis.

  • Research Compliance project

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    InfoEd, an online research management system for Human and Animal Ethics. Research staff benefit from streamlined administration, assessment and review processes.

  • Assessment Ecosystem project

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    Online surveying and reporting tool for assessment quality assurance. Academic staff benefit from improved and efficient assessment worklfows and clear opportunities to contribute to the review and management of assessment quality.

  • Customer Relationship Management project

    Image thumbnail of Customer Relationship Management project

    Enhancements to Curtin's student Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, improving the student experience and encouraging student retention.

  • Analytics project

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    Development of analytic tools and insight capabilities to enable provision of a personalised student learning experience and learning support based on prediction of a student's potential for success or failure, as well as proactive retention of students.

  • Integration project

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    Delivery of enterprise integration services integral to providing improved data quality, reliability and access for the support of Digital Futures projects including Research Ethics, Digital Learning Activation, Digital Experience Construction (the Elsie application), Curriculum Management and the Staff Portal.

  • Identity and Access Management project

    Image thumbnail of Identity and Access Management project

    New Identity Access Management platform (ForgeRock) has been successfully installed and will be used to enable Single Sign On capability for the upcoming Staff Portal.

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The new Curtin homepage is here

The new homepage enables easier navigation across all devices. It has a streamlined structure and design, enabling visitors an intuitive experience.

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elsie is helping more than 15,000 students to study

The best-of-breed elsie mobile app, delivered under Digital Futures, provides an easy way for students to manage their workload and study activities from their mobile device.

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