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Customer Relationship Management

Students seeking information and assistance are receiving a more personalised and streamlined service, thanks to enhancements to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software delivered as part of the Digital Futures CRM Student Experience project.

Additional functionality was created for the Oracle ServiceCloud CRM system (previously known as RightNow). This has allowed for the capture and recording of student interactions and information at different points of contact between the student and Curtin – including in person, by telephone, email, the University’s website, direct mail and marketing.Students seeking information and assistance are receiving a more personalised and streamlined service



Enhancements that have been delivered through CRM include:

  • Data integrated from Oasis, Student 1 and Blackboard into CRM
  • Ability to record staff/student interaction for the Student Transition And Retention Team (START) team in CRM
  • Delivery of proactive ‘at risk’ trigger messages to students by email and SMS
  • Improvements to self-service ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ functionality for current and future students
  • Upgrade of Service Cloud system to latest version
  • Integration of Service Cloud with the Student Service Centre (supporting Curtin Connect)

An initiative to introduce workflow functionality into the CRM for some key processes used within the Schools was started in 2016. However due to financial considerations this has been put on hold for now.

CRM has now transitioned to Business As Usual with system support provided by CITS.


  1. Ability to better identify ‘at risk’ students
  2. Establishment of a proactive student support strategy.
  3. Better understanding of the Knowledge Base FAQ and activities needed for it to be more effective
  4. Enable the sharing of student interactions across different and areas providing a more holistic view across Curtin
  5. A Student Enquiry Centre that has capability to utilise effective and up to date Student information
  6. Provide a rich source of information from which future retention strategies can be derived. Thus providing meaningful, targeted and timely communications to students
  7. Prevent the need to store and hold student interactions and communications in disjointed storage media and locations