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Enabling Platforms

As a large and complex organisation, Curtin is faced with particular challenges around managing a myriad of systems and handling large amounts of important data. Further, staff want quick and easy access to these systems and applications so they can focus on the important work they need to do in a safe and secure environment.

Enabling Platforms combines the 2016 Digital Futures Integration and Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects into a single project in 2017.

The project will continue the establishment of the ForgeRock Identity and Access Management platform into the Curtin IT ecosystem, improve Single Sign On capability and infrastructure, improve the way Curtin identities are defined and managed and reduce dependencies on obsolete technical platforms used currently.

The project will continue to deliver the Integration requirements of the Digital Futures Program and further establish the Integration Competency within CITS to enable ongoing delivery capability to meeting the Integration needs of Curtin.

2017 project outcome

2017 project outcome

  1. Establish the ForgeRock Identity and Access Management platform to enable Single Sign On for Curtin Staff and Student Applications;
  2. Remove dependencies on the legacy Sun AM Single Sign On platform for Curtin Staff Portal applications by Q1, and Student Portal applications by Q3;
  3. Define and implement the ForgeRock Identity management capability for selected Curtin users as a foundational element to enhancing Curtin’s security and access management capabilities for Staff, Students and other Curtin users;
  4. Transition to the CITS based Integration Competency Centre model to establish a flexible and scalable capability to CITS for ongoing Integration delivery and support of the Curtin Integration Platform;
  5. Provide Integration Services delivery and support to the Digital Futures Program.


  • New Identity Access Management platform (ForgeRock) has been successfully installed and will be used to enable Single Sign On capability for the upcoming Staff Portal.
  • Delivery of enterprise integration services integral to providing improved data quality, reliability and access for the support of Digital Futures projects including Research Ethics, Digital Learning Activation, Digital Experience Construction (the Elsie application), Curriculum Management and the Staff Portal.


  1. To mitigate the risks to Student and Staff OASIS applications by reducing dependency on obsolete platforms currently providing Single Sign On capability;
  2. To establish a high performance and high availability platform, based on industry standards, providing Identity and access management for all Curtin systems and users regardless of technology or geography;
  3. To establish an Auditing, Governance and Reporting framework for improved IT system control and data security;
  4. To provide the capability to reuse Integration Services across the Curtin enterprise;
  5. Provide a flexible and scalable Integration delivery capability to Curtin to meet future Integration needs.