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Curriculum Management

University approval processes for new and altered study packages, and support for re/accreditation with external professional bodies are improved as a result of streamlined automated processes within the curriculum management system. The system also ensures compliance with internal policy and government reporting and legislative requirements.

In 2016 the first release of Curtin’s new Curriculum Management System (Akari) was delivered, providing a single source of quality curriculum information for both students and academics.

In 2017 further enhancements to the Curriculum Management system will be delivered to facilitate improved data integrity, reduce staff workload and enhance the user experience.

2017 outcome

2017 outcome

  1. A single repository of study package information to enable timely, accurate and up to date reporting information for all academic staff by end of March 2017.
  2. Curriculum Application Programming interface (API) developed using Akari to support the Single Landing Point (SLP) to enable approved study package information to be displayed on SLP for the Digital Learning and Activation project by end of June 2017.
  3. Enhanced user interface and user experience to improve the usability and enabling efficient work related to curriculum management planning processes for all academic staff by end of September 2017.
  4. Elimination of manual data entry of approved study package information into Student One via automated integration between Akari (Curriculum Management System) and Student One to improve the data integrity for all academic staff by end of December 2017.


In 2016, Akari Curriculum Management System replaced manual, paper-based processes and is a significant development for Curtin, providing:

  • a single accessible repository for approved Study Package information at Curtin
  • automation of University study package approval processes and workflows
  • a flexible system for staff to browse and search Study Package information
  • auditable and traceable data.


  • Automation of course approval workflow will enable speedier processes, less paperwork and a reduction of errors.
  • Automated integration to Student One leading to reduction in time in entering the data manually and reduction in manual data entry errors.