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Digital Learning Activation

This project is part of a university-wide strategy to transform the design and delivery of education at Curtin. Innovative thinking and the use of transformative technologies will enable global learners to access a quality education experience through Curtin.

The Digital Learning Activation (DLA) project objectives are to:

  1. Expand student access to digitally enhanced degree and stackable credentials units and/or programs.
  2. Improve market share at a global scale with improved digital learning experience for all Curtin students and engaged learners.
  3. Provide a single unified view of Curtin learning offerings for all students and engaged learners.
2017 outcomes

2017 outcomes

  • Deliver a “Browse and Search” capability for all Curtin learning offerings of units, courses, and MOOCs by deploying Single Landing Page (SLP). This will be delivered as Release 1.1 by end of June 2017.
  • Extend the “Browse and Search” capability to pilot stackable units and enrolment via the SLP. This will be delivered as Release 1.2 by end of October 2017.


The project has delivered enhancements to systems and processes to support the Digital Learning@Curtin Strategy, including:

  • foundational backend work for an online ‘portal’ that will consolidate access to all of Curtin’s digital learning offerings,
  • changes to processes to support delivery of online unbundled or stackable units,
  • a single sign on for students to access Curtin’s edX.edge offerings embedded into the Blackboard units,
  • integration of edX learning data into Curtin systems, making this valuable data available for marketing and planning purposes, and
  • delivering three new MOOCs on the edX platform, bringing the total offering to six, including The Business of Mining MOOC, winner of the 2015 Interactive Media Council’s Best in Class – University Award.


  1. Enable greater reach into new markets for online offerings including unbundled or stackable credential programs on a platform with an existing learner base.
  2. Improvement in Curtin brand awareness and reputation due to association with a global market leader
  3. Provision of innovative online education
  4. Creating new revenue avenues by building new pathways such as micro-credentials into Curtin learning offerings.